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Your VM Pension Fund Managers are committed to helping you transform the future for your business, your team, and yourself.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

Your business needs are a priority in retirement planning for you and your employees

23+ Years of Experience

Licensed by the Financial Services Commission

Certified Securities Dealer

Our Main Offerings

A suite of services from VM Pensions are:

When it comes to pension fund administration, let us do the heavy lifting. We work within FSC guidelines to design company-sponsored pension plans that are fully integrated with digital platform capabilities.

An industry-leading Fund Manager, that offers you a strategic balancing of risk and desired returns to guarantee you the best possible outcomes. We deliver above-benchmark returns on investments over the years.

If you are self-employed or a contract worker, enjoy excellent solutions for lowering your income tax payments while maximising your retirement savings. As an ARS Corporate Client, get a personalised pension plan today!

Pension Consultancy Services

A suite of value-added services from VM Pensions to include:

Approved by the Board of Trustees (BOT), these pension plans are foolproof in supporting your strategic business needs, with the development of a risk management framework to identify, measure, control, monitor, and review all risk.

Capitalise on in-depth Trustee training sessions that drive engagement with our Trustees to ensure they are knowledgeable about their roles and the requirements of the regulations.

Our Pre- and Post- Retirement Seminars are geared towards helping you plan and prepare for retirement. This lifestyle adjustment is something we can guide you through.

We offer you efficient recording of meetings and compilation of notes for Trustee Meetings, alongside a clear outline of next steps to achieve business objectives.

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