A personalised pension plan that caters to your retirement goals.

An ARS is a personalised pension plan that provides a tax-free way of saving for retirement. Self-employed persons, professionals and contract workers not currently in another pension plan can benefit from the most tax efficient vehicle to save for retirement.

The Benefit of an ARS

Higher Contributions

Persons can contribute up to 20% of their annual income per year to an ARS. We encourage persons to maximise this limit as it reduces your income tax burden.

Tax-Deductible Contributions

Contributions made to your ARS are tax deductible; meaning that they are taken out before income tax is applied. This lowers your income tax payment.

Tax-Free Investment Gains

All investment gains are tax-free with no time limit. This compares favourably to Long-term Savings Accounts (LSA) where the tax-free limit is $1M per year to a maximum of five years.

We’re a Better Option

Why Is An ARS A Better Option Than A Company-Sponsored Pension Plan?

Many small and medium-sized entities have long considered a pension plan for their valued long serving staff members but were concerned about the numerous and time-consuming legal and regulatory requirements.

Challenges Eliminated by an ARS solution

To become eligible to join our ARS persons:

  • Should be between the age of 18-64 years
  • Be a resident of Jamaica
  • Should not be an active member of another ARS
  • Should not be an active member of a Company sponsored pension plan

ARS Portal

Manage your pension plans through our ARS portal.

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